by Miltos Apostolidis, June 7, 2013



The Family Center with its elegant large open hall will be able to host banquets of up to 450 people and offer the option of subdividing it into two separate halls for smaller events, dance practices, and meetings. The Center will also offer the ability to host athletic e vents with floors designed for basketball and volleyball events. In addition to hosting numerous Church related events, the Center will be available for rent to our Parishioners and will be marketed to the public. Facing the heart of the campus is the Foyer of the Family Center: a pre-function area that connects the Plateia to the main hall and will be home to our magnificent stained glass windows. It will also be used for receptions, coffee hour, presentations, and displays.

The Parish office will be housed here and will serve as the hub of all administrative activity. Private rooms for an administrator and office manager, a reception area with multiple work stations, and a workroom will provide enough office equipment and storage space to benefit all of the Annunciations Parish Ministries. Two offices dedicated to the Priest and Assistant Priest will provide enough space to accommodate and assist them with their needs as they minister to our Parish.

The Educational Center, with its five classrooms on the first floor, will serve our Sunday School, Greek School and Preschool programs. The rooms are designed to house up to 25 students and will be equipped with state of the art audio, video and computer capabilities. Adjustable walls will offer the opportunity to combine rooms for meetings and dance practices. A private courtyard adjacent to the rooms will serve as a playground for its occupants.

Our professionally designed commercial style kitchen will be able to accommodate any size function as well as support cooking for our Food Festival, Dial-A-Baklava, and other fundraising activities. It will feature plenty of storage space with a walk-in freezer, cooler and dry goods closet. Commercial-grade appliances, cabinets and counters will provide safety and efficiency for the many cooking and baking activities that take place throughout the year.

Dedicated to religious education, the bookstore will carry icons, religious items and books for all ages. The bookstore will be open during the week and serve not only our Annunciation community but the public at large.[/one_half]