A gift of 10 acres of land in South Natomas began a 23 year effort and led to discussions of whether to move our Church to a new site or to rebuild at our present location.

The Annunciation Parish accepts the gift of land from Angelo Tsakopoulos, and directs the Parish Council t o form a Building Committee.

The Annunciation Parish sells the 10 acre parcel in South Natomas for $1,100,000.00 net and uses $925,742 of these funds to purchase the Medical Building on Alhambra and reimburse Capital Outlay and Endowment Funds for previous acquisitions of property ( G Street houses), thus rendering Annunciation as the owner of almost the entire block except for the corner property at Alhambra Blvd. and G Street.

At general assembly, a motion passed that the Parish shall stay at its current location a t the corner of Alhambra Blvd. and F Street land accepts the master plan to rebuild our facilities, including Phases 1-3 at an estimated cost of $14,000,000.

Substantial building cost increases and the economic downturn following 9 /11 had a negative impact on our ability to raise the necessary funds to begin building Phase I of the approved plan, and with the cost of building the proposed project continued to escalate to $20,000,000, it became apparent that the project was beyond the fundraising capabilities of the community.

Angelo Tsakopoulos and his family offered the Parish 10 acres of land at the proposed McKinley Village housing development, formerly known as the Centrage Site and renewed the discussion of moving to a new location and build a new Church Campus.

Accepting the offer from Angelo Tsakopoulos, a Parish General Assembly approved the option of relocating to McKinley Village site and began a five year  quest to make the vision a reality.

The current state of the economy at the time and the slow moving process of developing a larger project ( McKinley Village) limited the ability of Annunciation to build a new church complex. A resolution passed that the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church community of Sacramento would begin building our facilities on the current Alhambra site (campus). The resolution was nearly unanimously approved, 110 out of 114 votes.

Plans were developed for the new campus including an 18,000 sq/ft Hall, new administrative and education buildings, a group courtyard, secure and gated campus, and a parking area with almost 300% more spaces than the current lot.

The Sacramento City Council unanimously approved overall site plans for THE BUILD, along with our petition to abandon the alley in the center of our parcel.


On June 23, 2013 An overwhelming majority of the Special Parish Assembly approves the Design & Development Plans of the Building Committee.

After nearly three decades of struggle, the holy and God-fearing faithful of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church assembled together on Holy Pentecost to pledge their support to the building ambitions of our community.

The Design & Development Plans, the fruit of the coordinated efforts of the Executive Building Committee together with hundreds of hours of contributed architectural and engineering expertise, much of which has been donated by the invaluable drafting talent within our community, will be finally sent to the Metropolis for a seal of approval.

Initially, the plans were presented to the general Building Committee by the Executive Building Committee for review and discussion.

Following the Committee’s approval, the plans were then put to the Parish Council, who in turn presented them to the body of the Special Parish Assembly by the Parish Council in the form of a resolution.

Of 109 registered votes at Sunday’s ballot, there were 105 in support of the measure, 2 against it, and there were 2 abstentions.

God willing, and with Gifts from you, our donors, we will break ground.