185 To 11, Our Parish Votes YES!

by Miltos Apostolidis, March 30, 2015

Sunday, March 29, in one of the most important votes of our church’s history, the motion to begin THE BUILD with a A $7 million Construction/Bridge loan passed with an overwhelming majority vote of 185 “Yes”, 11 “No”.  The hall was about 2/3 full for the special assembly to update the parish with the status of the building project, now known as THE BUILD, and to vote whether or not the parish should get a short-term loan to start the project, as a solution to the stop-gap between when pledges are made and when the monies actually are available.

The parish truly came together as a unified entity to hear what was needed to be said and then made a 94% favorable vote for the loan.  The Capital Campaign Committee will now gear up for the Public Phase of the fundraising where they will approach approximately 500+ families and ask them to evaluate their financial position to decide what constitutes their best gift.

If you are interested in setting up a meeting with Fr. James and Sam Manolakas to discuss your best gift to THE BUILD, click here to set up a meeting. We thank everyone for their attendance on Sunday.