A Trip Down Memory Lane

by , October 16, 2015

With fundraising in full swing and so many changes to the landscape of our campus, there’s a lot happening at the moment. But the truly remarkable part is how far we’ve come. Take a look at the journey leading up to THE BUILD.

1910 – 1920 Only 50 Greek families resided in the Sacramento area. The first liturgy was held at Red Men’s Hall at 716 I Street.

1921 The first Greek Orthodox Church of Sacramento was founded under the direction of Father Sardounis.

1930s Our parish outgrew the original space at 620 N St.  We established a new church building and recreation center on the property of our current campus. Funds raised by George E. Johnson allowed us to build the Hellenic Center, the first structure of the new campus.

1951 The current campus was completed and the first liturgy was held under the direction of Father Nicholas Karas.

1989 A gift of 10 acres from Angelo Tsakaopoulos was liquidated in an effort to expand the campus on Alhambra Blvd.

2002 The economic downturn following September 11th increased the costs of construction and deterred fundraising abilities.

2004 Another 10 acre land donation from Angelo Tsakapoulos renewed the discussion of expanding the current campus.

2012 Sacramento City Council unanimously approved the building plans for THE BUILD – a $12 million construction project to expand and update our church campus.

2015 Our parish approved a $7 million bridge loan to move forward with THE BUILD by a 185 to 11 vote. Over the past year, our fundraising has increased by $1 million and counting. The foundation has been poured and construction is on schedule to be completed in 2016.

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