It’s more than just dirt and wires

by , July 28, 2015

faq_headerDespite what may appear as just dirt and wires to the naked eye, progress is well underway on the new site.

While there may not be anything too exciting to look at yet, Phase 1 of construction involves vital steps for the safety and functionality of the new structure. The digging has been done to properly stabilize the building. This ensures that the earth rather than the structure itself absorbs the load of the building. This is important to make sure we have an earthquake-safe structure.

A lot has been happening behind the scenes as well. SMUD is managing the off-site electrical footwork to power our new facilities. Water and sewage flow functions have also been coordinated. Everything is running according to plan so far.

In case you missed it, our current donations are now up on the website. You can see who has already donated and how much they’ve given. With their support, we’ve gotten this far, but we need everyone to give their best give in order to complete construction. Make sure to make your donation today!