Make a Well-informed Decision

by , October 8, 2015

_0001_contributeThe Capital Campaign has been very vocal about the need for all members of our congregation to step forward with their best gift. Maybe you’ve considered giving, but hesitated because your money is earmarked for savings, vacations or the expenses of raising a family.

We invite you to think outside of the box and consider other means of giving. Here are some alternative ways to contribute to THE BUILD that you may not have considered:

  • List THE BUILD as a partial or full beneficiary of your retirement funds
  • Donate commercial, residential or undeveloped real estate
  • Contribute through your estate with a gift bequest through your will

The Capital Campaign is organizing groups to reach out to parishioners. We are now conducting in-home presentations to help those who haven’t come forth make a well informed decision.

Interested in an in-home presentation? Contact Sam Manolakas via email