Recognizing Our Generous Donors

by , September 16, 2015

donor wall mock upOur church has a rich and proud history characterized by faith, hard work, dedication and giving. The Capital Campaign has prepared naming opportunities for generous donors.  To see how your donation will be recognized, check out the list below.

Haven’t donated yet?  Schedule a meeting with Sam Manolakas at to discuss giving your best gift. Don’t miss the chance to secure a naming opportunity.



$2,000,000 gift level

Family Center


$1,000,000 gift level

Education Wing

Administration Wing



$750,000 gift level

Main Hall

Main Kitchen


$500,000 gift level



Pre-Function Foyer


$300,000 gift level

Auxiliary Kitchen


Lobby – 1st Floor


$150,000 gift level

Play Area

Reception Office


Lobby – 2nd Floor


$75,000 gift level

Meeting Room – 1st Floor

Religious/Greek School Office

Work Area – 1st Floor

Priest Office

Assistant Priest Office

Classroom 1 – 1st Floor

Classroom 2 – 1st Floor

Classroom 3– 1st Floor

Classroom 4– 1st Floor

Meeting/Classroom 1 – 2nd Floor

Church Organizations Office

Junior High Classroom

High School Classroom

DSG Office and Costume Room


$50,000 gift level

Break Room – 1st Floor

Bookkeeper’s Office

Administration Office

Work area – 1st Floor

Preschool Office

Office – 1st Floor

Meeting/Classroom 2 – 2nd Floor

Meeting/ Classroom 3 – 2nd Floor


$30,000 gift level

Lobby Stairway


Education Storage

Back Stairwell

Stairwell behind Kitchen

Preschool Storage

Staff Break Room – 1st Floor

Library Break Area

Library Office

Sunday School Office

Greek School Office