It Takes a Village

by , April 20, 2015

Group of construction workersIt’s been all-hands-on deck getting THE BUILD moving forward, but we’re making progress. The contract with the bank has been executed and the appraisal ordered. The contract for AP Thomas is complete and has been presented to the contractor.

We couldn’t have gotten this far without our great team. Thanks go to Angelo G. Tsakopolous for his support and putting the church in touch with construction attorney Robert O’Conner from Hanson Bridgett LLP. He is representing Annunciation and helped us create a contract that is clear and defined.

Ron Rutherford has also helped review and clarify the plans and scope of work for THE BUILD.

We don’t have the building permit yet, but we should in the next two weeks. There are just a few minor technical issues that have been addressed by Dan Erickson, Tim Crush and Tom Makris – our architects and civil engineers. We are thankful for our team of professionals for all their hard work and for keeping us on track.                                                                                      We can’t wait to start building!