by Miltos Apostolidis, August 30, 2013

When running a Capital Campaign, a time-limited effort by a nonprofit organization to raise significant dollars for a specific project, the organization seeking funds must state its case for needing the funds.  This “statement of intentions” is known as the Case Statement.  Here is the Case Statement for THE BUILD.


For nearly 100 years God has faithfully provided a home away from home, a place where we gather together not only to worship in the rich traditions of the Orthodox Christian Faith, but also a place to raise our children in the Greek culture and share our heritage with each other and our community.

In 1920 a small group of immigrants laid the cornerstones of our foundation and, brick upon brick, they built our future. The Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation was born through faith, sacrifice, hard work and determination. For many years, the parish continued to grow and thrive in the heart of Sacramento in a small church on 620 N Street. By the late 1940’s, an increasing number of families prompted the migration over to our current location on the corner of Alhambra Blvd and F Street. In 1951, for the first time, a planned Annunciation campus included the church, administrative buildings, event hall and educational classrooms. We are forever indebted to our forefathers who had the bold vision to imagine our new spiritual home going beyond a church and office space.

Now it’s our turn! What will we imagine? What will future generations of The Annunciation find in the next 100 years? How will we contribute to past generation’s efforts? Our church campus has served us well, but it is tired and it is broken. Physically and spatially, the Annunciation Campus can no longer provide for the demands of a growing parish, nor can the existing spaces adequately support our many services and programs. Our campus should be an avenue for generating resources that can sustain the church and the needs of the parish. Instead, the current structures are in constant need of repair, thus hemorrhaging monies that could otherwise be directed towards programs including but not limited to Dance Groups, Sunday School, Greek School, GOYA, JOY, Greek Festival, Choir and Senior League.

Twenty five years ago, we recognized that we were outgrowing our current campus and started on a journey that has taken a few detours, but never lost sight of the ultimate initiative: To build a better Annunciation Campus that will meet the growing demands of our vibrant community today as well as in the future. THE BUILD | Annunciation Sacramento is the culmination of that journey. Plans have been developed, the use and architectural designs of our Building Master Plans have been approved by the City of Sacramento, the permit process has begun and $2,500,000 of the needed $9,000,000 has already been raised with past donations. Our goal is to build with the generosity and devotion of our parishioners, without financing, With help from faithful supporters like yourselves, we will break ground in the Spring, 2014.

THE BUILD is about more than structures, it’s about our survival. As we step out in Faith to Build for our Church, community, children and our children’s children, we invite you to join us in a lifetime opportunity to preserve and enhance our heritage. As our forefathers, only through faith, sacrifice, hard work and determination will we succeed. Please pray and join us in the journey and contribute your best gift. This can only be done with YOU.