Where We Stand

by , September 30, 2015

Sacrifice_backWe have increased our fundraising by $600,000 so far this year. To all of our donors, thank you for stepping forward with your gift!

Even though we’re making progress, we are still short. We have a collective financial obligation to repay the bridge loan. If you haven’t given your best gift, look below to see how your contribution is needed. Funding THE BUILD is not the responsibility of a particular group of people, it is a responsibility shared by all those who intend to enjoy its benefits – our entire congregation.

Here’s where we stand:

Total Cost: $13,252,000

Total Cash at hand $5,310,276
Capital Campaign Pledges Due $2,045,244
Total  Income $7,355,520

Still needed: $5,896,480

Visit our new “Ways to Give” page, and learn how you can contribute to THE BUILD.  Construction is well underway, and we invite you to participate in making our dream a reality with your best gift. Make an appointment with Sam Manolakas today at sam@brookrest.com.