We are pleased to acknowledge the special commitment and dedication of these remarkable donors who have contributed to the Capital Campaign for THE BUILD in support of building a better future for our families.

On behalf of our entire Annunciation community, we thank you for your generous support of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation.  Your contribution to THE BUILD will have a tremendous impact on the quality of programs at Annunciation ensuring its growth and continuous presence in the Sacramento community.



$2,000,000 +

To be listed.


$1,000,000 – $ 1,999,999

The Sofia & Angelo K. Tsakopoulos Family
Andrew Johas in memory of his Parents Jim & Dolly Johas

$750,000 – $999,999

To be listed.


$500,000 – $ 749,999

Lisa Mangels, George Johnson in memory of Eppie Johnson


$300,000 -$499,999

Sam & Kerry Manolakas


$150,000 – $299,999

George Koufasimis


$75,000 – $149,999

A Humble, Meek, Christian Couple
Annunciation Philoptochos
George & Christine Dariotis
Michael Dariotis Jr. in memory of Michael and Georgia Dariotis
Dr. Richard Hauch & Kim Pacini Hauch
Chris & Pauline Gianulias
Demosthenes & Maria Kaufman and Family
Gerri Magers in memory of James Magers
Dennis & Nancy Marks
Drs. Nicholas & Carol Rotas and Family
The Denny Boom Family


$50,000 – $74,999

Elias & Jane Bardis
Bertakis-Spyridakis Family
John & Julie Christie
John & Despina Demas; Matthew & Kyriako
Diane & Julian Holt
Katherine Manolakas in memory of Elias Manolakas
Nicholas & Loreine Simopoulos
Paul & Debbie Stamas


$30,000 – $49,999

AHEPA, Marysville Chapter
AHEPA, Sacramento Chapter
Susan Bitar
Jim & Dessi Chuchas
John & Marianna Demas
In memory of Georgia & James Foondos
Peter & Koula Fotopoulos
Andrew C. Gianulias in Memory of Chris & Nikoletta Gianulias
Helen Grammatikakis in memory of George and Mary Apostolos
Thomas, Phyllis & Julia Boorinakis Harper
Pantelis Kallergis in memory of Nikolas and Eleni Kallergis
Yianni & Kelly Pantis
John Papadakis in memory of Faye
Jerry & Catherine Pavlatos
Father James & Barbara Retelas
Frances Sellas & Family

Andreas & Becky Yerocostas


$10,000 – $29,999

Annunciation Senior League
Arista Preschool
Miltos,Panorea, Georgia & Penelope Apostolidis
Georgia Avdalas in memory of Voula Gianulias
Nick, Nikki, Spyro & Vasiliki Avdis
Bill & Evelyn Bobolis
Nicholas & Anna Bouras
Corelis, Dennis & Jeanlaurie Ainsworth in memory of Samuel John Corelis and Mearice Amelia Corelis
Pauline and Maria Cazanis in Memory of John T. Cazanis and Mary J. Cazanis
Tony & Kathi Chrisopoulos
Tim & Effie Crush & Family
Lou & Maria De Ville
Steven & Marina Downing & Family
Judge & Mrs. James Duvaras
Georgallis Family
Phil & Soula Fotopoulos
Ganetsos Family
Steve Giranis in memory of Toula Giranis
Elsie Gust
Chris, Maria & Neocles Higdon in honor of Neocles and Ourania Theodor
Anastasios & Stefanie Hionis
Christopher & Kristen Kane in memory of James Magers
George & Mary Ellen Kassotakis
Terry & Penny Kastanis in memory of Katina Anton
Ioannis & Cindy Kazanis
Gregory Kondos and Family
Constantino & Dena Kuchulis
Loula Kufasimes in memory of Aris Kufasimes
Christine Lionudakis Kockinis
John & Mary Kyriakides
Constantine D. Lekos
Sylvia Maritsas in memory of Harry Maritsas and George Manus Families
Stacy Marr & Family in Honor of Sam Manolakas
Glenn & Angela Matsen
Helen Nickolson/Lawrence Michel
Constance Pacini
Bessie Papailias
Peloponnesian Society
Perry & Sophia Potiris Family in memory of Perry G. Potiris
Marshall and Carole Pryor
Michael Petrucci & Stella Dariotis
Dusan Rasosavjevic
Demetri & Malamo Romas and Family
John & Penny Romas
Maria Stefanou in honor of Marianna Stefanou
Art & Terre Terzakis
Bill & Joann Triphon
Donna & Doug Wagner in memory of Don & Dorothy Kilfoyle
Jerry & Elaine Wright
Jim & Faye Vallas and Family
Aleko & Maria Verrios & Family
Vasilios & Judy Verrios
Haig & Irene Zeronian


$5,000 – $ 9,999

Nick G. Alexander Family in memory of Nicholas K. and Marietta Alexander
Mary Apostolos
Peter Andrews in memory of: George, Joanne, Diane and Pamela
Jamie Bobolis
Stefanie Bobolis
Peter & Sophia Callas and Family
Antonia Cakouros in memory of Timoleon & Stavroula Cakouros
John, Maria, Vivian, Elly, Taky Cazanis
Tim & Antonia Chapralis
George & Christine Chuchas
Peter Const Family
John & Nitsa Dariotis
Ernest & Kathy Dokimos in memory of Helen Dokimos
Greg Evrigenis & Danae Paras Evrigenis
Dr. John & Sophia Evrigenis
Gassoumis Family
Georgallis Family
Constantin, Maude, Angeline, Sophie Genigeorgis
Chris & Angie Georgoulias
Ruseta Fotos in memory of Manuel Fotos
Norine Geissler
Demetre & Dimitra Haralambakis
Larry Haralambakis
Bess A. Kerhoulas
Victoria K. Kidman in memory of Dianne Zekas Johnson
Gus & Ana Kapandritis
Nick & Michele Kufasimes in memory of Aris N. Kufasimes
William (Bill) Kufasimes in memory of William Kufasimes
Jim & Julie Mamalis
The Manikas Family in Memory of George J. Manikas
Steve & Katherine Margaris and Family
Katherine Marefos
Pam Middleton
Pan Messinian Society in memory of Pan Messinian Brothers & Sisters
Constantine Perakis & Brigid Perakis
Bessie Pothos
Greg & Julie Rausser in Memory of Nicholas Kenourgios
Roumeli Club
Jim & Sylvia Salidas
Scott & Vivian Vail
Sophie Theodore in memory of +Regos N. Theodore
Emmanuel (Mike) & Karen Tzikas
Margo & George Tzikas
Jim & Argie Vlamis in memory of Nick and Katherine Vlamis
Vougioukas-Arapoglou Family


$2,500 – $4,999

Spyro & Georgia Avdis
Marie Bravou
Anonymous, In memory of Irene Compoginis
Manny & Sunday Balalis and Family
Paul & Lori Boylan
George & Koula Cazanis
Voula Cazanis in memory of Theodore Cazanis
Stamatiki Coss in memory of Savvas Coss
Irene DeKellis in memory of George and Sophia Papadakis
Efthymios & Grammatoula Delis in memory of Apostolos and Adamantia Delis
Nicholas Docous Family
Kiki Econome in memory of James and Katina Paras
Bill & Leah Evrigenis
Peter Grellas
Mike & Beth Foondos
Theodore & Heidi Foondos & Family
Helen Giannakakis
John & Edie Hagelis
Gus & Tina Karres and Family
Steven & Lindsey Kivetos in honor of their parents
Nektarios & Maria Klostrakis & Family
The Manolakas – Shults Family in Memory of George S. Manolakas, M.D.
Marentis Family in memory of Louisa Dakos
John & Vicki Meers in memory of Marilyn Kathryn Demas
Shari & Cliff Moody
Alice T. Ousley in honor of Alice T. Ousley Family
Maria Pantis
Helen J. Piperis, R.L.T.
Frank Nunes Estate
Rev. Fr. Timothy Robinson & Presvytera Marsha
Leo & Katherine Sampanis in memory of Louis& Media Sampanis; Petros & Maria Giakoumaki
The Georganna & John Sinadinos Family
Ralph & Vassie Sett in memory of George & Anna Chuchas
Yiaslas Family  In memory of our Parents  Ευθυμιου Ιερεως, Μαριας Πρεσβυτερα, Αθανασιου, Αικατερινης


$1,000 – $2,499

George Anastasopoulos
Anonymous on behalf of the Hionis Family
Andreas & Audrey Bazos
Dean & Jennie Chalios and Family
John & Annette Christopulos
Jim and Toula Clubb in honor of Epamenondas and Anastasia Kotsovolos
George & Marilyn Econome
Mr. & Mrs Nicholas Efstratis
Denise Gilbert in Memory of Steve & Dena Jordan
John & Theofani Fotopoulos
Christina Freeworth in memory of George and Sophia Christina Freeworth
Debbie& John George; Dianna& Christina
Chatzis Family
Alexis Scandalis Genung
The Gates Family
Connie Henderson
Chris & Janine Johnson and Family
Demetrise Dallas Scandalis & Family
Dino & Meg Jakovas
Theodore & Andromachi Kennedy
George & Christina Koumbis
George & Rula Kouretas
George Kutuvinis
Georgia B. Larson
Mary Lydon
Nicolette & Frank Madrid in Memory of Steve & Dena Jordan
Tim & Annette Manolis
Alan & Marina Podoreanu
Maurice & Mary Silva
Helen Rotas

George C. Siouris in memory of Artemis Siouris
Pearl Thomas
Philip Vassilopoulos in honor of Dr. Stella Dariotis & Dr. Nick Rotas
Jim, Pam & Vasseliki Vervilos
Rich & Tina Watts
Maria Workman in memory of Doyle L. Workman
Athanasios & Elizabeth Yiaslas


< $999

Polihronis Ioannis Bourdaniotos in honor of Ioannis Tzouras
Dimitra & David Durrell
Sophia Delis
Anonymous, In memory of Chris Georgiou
Garifalia George
Sandy Iljana
Donovan & Vacelia Husat in honor of the Avdis Family
Dennis (Danny) and Robin Kamilos in memory of Maria Stathos
Stella Loghin
Eleni Papailias in Honor of +Harry and Kalliroy Pappas
Alex & Koula Kokologiannakis and Family
John & Rose Lionakis
Paradosi Society
Brad Kostandino
Chris & Wendy Regas

In Kind Donations

Nicholas Docous, Architect, AIA
Dan Eriksson, Architect, CJA
Tim Crush, Civil Engineer, VP -Wood Rogers
Tom Makris, Civil Engineer, Wood Rogers
Angelo G. Tsakopoulos Family

While we have made every effort to ensure accuracy in recognition of donors, we apologize in advance for any errors. If you are a donor and your name has been misspelled or omitted, please contact us at 916-826-7176 so that we can correct our records.